Award Winning Branding & Creative

Supermodel Irina Shayk posing on the floor, staring intensely at the camera. She is wearing a black bodysuit and chunky, black platform sandals. She is leaning forward on one arm and has one leg bent behind her and the other crossed in front vertically.

High-Performing & Award-Winning

From out-of-home and digital campaigns to online e-commerce flagships and social media, DTE's work looks better, performs faster and sets brands apart from the rest. Our work has been honored by the Webbys, Tellys and Awwwards for Best in Branded Content, Directing, Branded Content in Social Media, Budget under 100k, Creative Direction and Digital Excellence.

4 campaign images showing each of Storm Reid's looks in DTE's video campaign for Kiss Colors and Care. In bright bold text that matches her outfits, Storm Reid's name is shown on each.

Creative & Marketing Services

DTE studio offers services in advertising, digital campaigns, product development, packaging design, brand and creative direction for brands of all sizes from DTC startups to established heritage brands looking for a refresh. We produce and create premium quality marketing tools for engagement and growth.

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3 horizontal banner ad layouts for DTE studio's campaign for Universal Standard. Each has the same design of bold white text that says FASHION FREEDOM overlaid on a different model.

Celebrity Campaigns

DTE has produced and directed numerous celebrity and high-profile talent campaigns. We help our clients to maximize the unique marketing and strategic opportunities celebrity partners provide all while delivering the highest caliber work and ensuring any and all talent needs are met.

Content Creative Direction & Production

From concepting through to production and post-production, DTE studio is experienced in creating video and photographic content ranging from tv commercials, print and digital advertising campaigns, how-to videos, e-commerce content, to social stories and more for our beauty clients.

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A collage of images by DTE studio showing supermodel Irina Shayk's campaign for Tamara Mellon shoes. Some are black and white, others in color. She is wearing many outfits like a black bodysuit with black flat sandals, brown sandal heels witha white dress, and a black leather jacket.

Marketing & Strategy

We provide strategic marketing solutions to our clients, from campaign development to creating advertising assets and marketing emails to strategic partnerships, promotions, printed collateral and pop-ups.

8 iphones showing marketing content created by DTE studio for Well People. They range from emails showing models and promotions, product still lifes, ingredients like avocado

360 Brand Development

With a rich history in brand development and over a decade of experience, DTE brings an expertise to new founders, startups and heritage brands looking for a fresh take. Our focus lies in strategic consulting, digital solutions, content and brand design.


Packaging, Branding & Design

DTE’s services include design, materials and sourcing, vendor coordination and management from concepting through to production and delivery for primary and secondary packaging, limited editions and special collector's items. We work closely with our clients to concept and strategize to bring new products to market, build new product lines, or create brand extensions.

A lineup of clear, cylinder glass bottles and jars showing DTE's packaging design for Macrene Actives. All products have a silver cap and the logo on the font in light gray.
Lineup showcasing DTE's packing design for Macrene Actives boxes. Each box is a different mix of colors, all of the boxes are inspired by the beach and have shades of blue mixed with burnt oranges,  pinks and terracotta red.

Partnerships & Collaborations

DTE assists with brand and influencer partnerships to best suit your brand needs and goals.

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