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Vendor Management
Materials & Sourcing

Jars of Macrene Actives face cream with silver lids showing the new packaging design and logo by DTE.
A rectangular box with a sliding top that holds a body chain on black velvet. The edges of the box are mirrored silver, and the lid of the box is mirrored black. It's partially open to reveal 5 silver triangles of the body chain. The box is sitting on a black background.
Different sized Aquatalia shoeboxes are arranged in a grid and photographed from above. All the boxes are gray and showcase the new Aquatalia logo designed by DTE.
Three photos of DTE's bottle design for Orcé foundation, each shows the bottle on a neutral background with natural shadows.
Well People makeup products and matching product smears photographed by DTE studio.
Jewelry boxes designed by DTE studio for Jemma Wynne. There are square and circular boxes. They have cream colored exteriors and the interiors are forest green. A pale pink ribbon is an accent piece.
DTE's branding for Aquatalia showcased across numerous items. The new logo has an A with an elongated crossbar. It is shown on a gray shoebox, fabric dustbag, printed card, the inner lining of a womens snakeskin shoe, and a separate inner lining of a mens shoe. All of these items are neatly arranged on a brown background.
Orce box packaging in an artistic still life. There are 3 boxes, all are navy blue with a gold foil logo. One box is leaning against a clear sphere. Soft shadows are cast.
DTE's packaging and branding for Macrene Actives photographed as a group from above. It showcases the pastel, beachy box colors and elevated jars for face cream.
Navy blue packaging box for Orce mini foundation samples shown open so the small bottles are visible. The box and mini bottles have gold logos.
Three bottles of Macrene Actives face serums. The white serum is visible through the glass bottles and the silver lids are reflecting light.
A whimsical still life photo of Kevyn Aucoin lipstick, liner pencil and compacts. The lipstick appears to be floating and the pencil is coming from the top of the photo.
Clear glass bottles and jars with silver caps filled with cream colored lotions in front of a stucco textured warm pink wall.
A very large emerald cut diamond ring sits in an open ring box on a deep red background. The ring box has a red leather exterior and deep purple suede interior with a gold Objet Eternel logo.

Packaging Design

Beauty, Luxury, Fashion

DTE studio brings a hands-on approach and design expertise to packaging design from concepting through to production. We provide our clients with vendor sourcing and management and are excited to explore sustainable solutions.

Boxes for four of Macrene Actives skincare products photographed in a line, showing off DTE's beautiful, colorful box design that is a flow of glue to sandy yellow and peachy tones.

Packaging Design

Primary and Secondary Packaging

Whether working to make existing shapes and forms unique or creating custom designs, we work with our clients to ensure their brand's essence is reflected in primary and secondary packaging.

Packaging design and

Statement Pieces

DTE studio also works with our clients on developing special one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces for display and gifting. We are experts in sourcing unique and elevated materials, 3-d design and rendering and working with specialized vendors to create show-stopping pieces.

Lineup showcasing DTE's packing design for Macrene Actives boxes. Each box is a different mix of colors, all of the boxes are inspired by the beach and have shades of blue mixed with burnt oranges,  pinks and terracotta red.
A light gray box opened to showcase a limited edition black and white photographic print of Diddy.
Narrow navy blue boxes with golden Orce logo standing vertically on a mirrored light blue-gray background.
Luxurious printed booklets designed by DTE studio for Peter Marino's The Getty Residences. The booklets are white with gold edges, a golden logo on the cover, and gold foil stamped line drawing of the building's exterior.
Metallic gold packaging boxes designed by DTE studio for makeup brand Kevyn Aucoin. They are stacked and layered in a abstract grid and the background is stark black, allowing the boxes to shine.
A group photograph of Kevyn Aucoin's makeup packaging. The photo is dramatic, and the products are arranged in a triangular shape. They are mostly shades of burgundy and black, with hints of gold.
A gold hard cover book partially slid out from its black slipcase. The slipcase has a tonal black circular design printed on it.
An eclectic still life showing a Harper's Bazaar magazine with post it notes tagged throughout, rubber bands and clear box - all things found in DTE studio's office.
A still life of carefully arranged branded items for Pologeorgis. They include a hanger, garment bag, hangtags and clothing labels, leather bound look book, business cards and golden accents - all designed by DTE studio and are brand colors of black, white and gray.
6 narrow tinted moisturizer bottles stand in a line on a black platform. They are lit dramatically with shadow, and create graphic shapes against the purple-gray background.
DTE's branding and design for Aquatalia is showcased in a light gray hardcover book with protective clamshell box. The box is opened to show the embossed and foil stamped logo on the cover of the book.
A white box for a L'Objet candle branded in collaboration with DTE studio.
A design for a small, square accordion folded booklet featuring different gemstones. Each panel shows a gemstone and the one next to it has text for education on the care and background of it.

Branded Collateral

With an eye on the complete picture, DTE studio provides Art Direction, Design, Copywriting, Production and Vendor Management for collateral, direct mail, lookbooks, packaging inserts and in-purchase materials.

A printed catalog by DTE for Aquatalia shoes. It is open to pages showing womens shoes on different models and in still lifes.
Printed catalog designed by DTE studio for makeup brand Orce. It is opened to a page showing the clear foundation bottle and 6 Asian models with makeup smears for their foundation shades.

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Jewelry boxes designed by DTE studio for Jemma Wynne. There are square and circular boxes. They are purple and sky blue. A forest green ribbon is an accent piece.