Celebrity & Brand Partnerships

DTE studio has produced and directed numerous celebrity and high-profile talent campaigns. We help our clients maximize the unique marketing and strategic opportunities celebrity partners provide all while delivering the highest caliber work and ensuring any and all talent needs are met.


Superstar Talent

DTE studio is well-versed in the special nuance and industry know-how that is required when working with high-profile talent. We help our clients establish relationships with brand ambassadors and celebrity partners that are on-brand and resonate with their audience.


End To End Production

From concepting through to production and post-production, we create celebrity campaigns ranging from tv commercials, print and digital advertising campaigns, to social stories, BTS and more.



From visionaries in design, to leaders in music and entertainment, we love working with the best minds and talents at the intersection of art and commerce. DTE studio brings deep expertise together with a nimble and highly creative approach to help our clients stay competitive across all touchpoints.

Black and white portrait of singer Billie Eilish. Her long blond hair is over her shoulders and partially in a bun. Her head is slightly tilted down, but her eyes look up at the camera.
A collage with black and white portrait of Francisco Costa sitting in a chair. Behind him are textures of concrete, stone and other neutral materials.
A portrait of singer Cynthia Erivo. Her dark skin contrasts against the cream background and the cream tube top she wears. She looks off to the side out of frame.
Two people standing - a woman with long blue hair wears a black dress and a man with long dreads pulled on top of his head is shirtless and wears red and black plaid pants. They are touching.
A collage containing a portrait of Rafael de Cardenas sitting in a chair. A gridded texture of black and white sits behind the portrait.
A black and white portrait of the singer Lorde. She wears a fitted black turtleneck, and her curly hair is big, loose and frizzy.
JT from The City Girls laying down on her stomach with her legs up and arms bent. She is on a mirrored floor, and the entire area is a hazy pinkish red. She's wearing black heels, a black bodysuit that extends into gloves, and a head scarf has a head band.
Black and white portrait of musician David Byrne. He wears a gray suit, and rests his chin in his hand. He looks off thoughtfully.
Two Devialet Phantom Speakers - one white the other black. They are sleek and round and shown on a black background.
Irina Shayk and Tamara Mellon sitting in a fluffy white bed wearing robes having a chat.
A black and white portrait of Marky Ramone by Albert Watson. He wears all black - a leather jacket, black pants and large sunglasses. His hands are in the pockets of his jacket.
Black and white portrait of Tilda Swinton. She wears a suit jacket and a ruffled ascot.
A bald model wearing only rainbow body glitter all over her body stands in front of a bright red background looking intently at the camera.
A portrait of supermodel Irina Shayk. She stretches her arms upwards, and they frame her face and natural makeup. She is wearing a cream colored long sleeve sweater.
Black and white portrait of Cher. Her eyes are closed, and her black hair falls over her shoulders.
A man with curly short hair sings into a microphone and plays guitar at a live show. The lights turn his face and body pink, and the background blue and green.
A modern black leather chair and matching ottoman in a minimal room with gray floor and a large slab marble wall. Light is coming in from a skylight above.
A large orb and many smaller orbs sitting in sand. The orbs all are clear glass and filled with fur.
Actress Jemima Kirke wearing a white pinstripe shirt partially unbuttoned. She has on deep red lipstick, and her blonde hair is a bit tousled.
Black Bose sunglasses sitting in front of and on top of blocks of ice in a black space.
A woman with brown hair wears an oversized sweater that is knit with many different colors and textures. It has flowers in bright red, pink, parts are blue and green. One arm is raised to her face, and the sleeve partially covers her smile.
The face of a woman painted in in the style of the Italian Renaissance with golden stripes and textures over it.
A black and white portrait of Cynthia Nixon. She wears a black short sleeve shirt and is relaxed, with her arm propped on a chair.
A model wears a large gold hoop earring that says "fame" across its center.
A green landscape of rolling with gray and blue sky accented by a monolithic cream stone building in an organic angular shape.
A woman stands on a stark white background wearing bright red wide leg pants that pool on the floor and a caramel colored leather shirt that is buttoned at her neck and open at the bottom.
A black and white portrait of actor and designer Waris Ahluwalia. He wears a tailored suit and black turban and stares confidently at the camera.
Blocky, marbled candle sticks by designer Tom Dixon. They are arranged on a reflective blue plexiglass floor and teal background.
A neon pink and blue slash of light strikes diagonally across a cloudy yellow background.
Wes Gordon and Carolina Herrera embrace in a hug backstage.
Young Paris performing a song while wearing a black shirt with the Fendi logo.
A portrait of two black women who stand facing each other and hold hands. They both have long thick hair, one wears it loose, the other pulled back.
A woman with long bleach blonde hair stands in front of a bright red background. She wears skintight red leggings and has temporary tattoos of blue iMessage chat bubbles covering her chest.
A weimaraner dog photographed by William Wegman. The dog is dressed like a human man, wearing a green blazer and yellow trousers and is "carrying" suitcases. The wall is yellow to match its pants, and the floor is green to match the jacket.
A black and white portrait of Klaus Biesenbach. He is very stoic, and his white hair contrasts with the black background and his black suit.

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A black and white photo of three models, one is holding a large black puppy.