Luxurious printed booklets designed by DTE studio for Peter Marino's The Getty Residences. The booklets are white with gold edges, a golden logo on the cover, and gold foil stamped line drawing of the building's exterior.
A combination of two images DTE created for Derek Lam. Modern, black kitten heels with a pointed toe sit on a cream carpet, and a model with chin length black hair wears a black dress with chains as shoulder straps.
Luxury printed invitation card for fine jewelry brand Objet Eternel. Three pieces are shown. The invitation has a bright red back side with a gold logo and the reverse his printed on a cream paper. There is a vellum sheet with additional text. All the items are shown on a vidid, royal blue background.
DTE's branding for Aquatalia showcased across numerous items. The new logo has an A with an elongated crossbar. It is shown on a gray shoebox, fabric dustbag, printed card, the inner lining of a womens snakeskin shoe, and a separate inner lining of a mens shoe. All of these items are neatly arranged on a brown background.
The torso of a model against a black background. She is wearing black briefs and clear, plastic high waisted pants over them, with her arms crossed in front of her chest. On her wrist are thin, three golden cuffs. Each has a unique shape, like  a pair of triangles attached to the tin band. Her brown hair is in a long braid that hangs out of frame.
A model lounging on the ground wearing jeans with a black belt and a denim jacket. The jacket is unbuttoned to show her black bra top. She has a gold chain necklace and large gold hoop earring, and her dark hair is slicked back.
Two gen-z influencer models wearing on-trendy clothes by Cider. One is more edgy and sporty, the other feminine and cool.
Open pages of a brand book that says in large text "MADE IN NEW YORK" on one side. The other page says "Professional brand responsibility.
A model with brown hair lays her head on her arms on a wooden table. She wears a silky navy blue dress with thin straps crossed on her back.
Luxury printed invitation card for fine jewelry brand Objet Eternel. Three pieces are shown. The invitation has a bright red back side with a gold logo and gilt edges. The reverse his printed on a cream paper. There is an envelope with purple inside. All the items are shown on a vidid, royal blue background.
Two iPhones showing DTE's "Ask Dr. Macrene" branded content editorial story.
A still life of carefully arranged branded items for Pologeorgis. They include a hanger, garment bag, hangtags and clothing labels, leather bound look book, business cards and golden accents - all designed by DTE studio and are brand colors of black, white and gray.


Tell Your Brand’s Story

DTE studio partners with brands big and small to communicate and develop distinction. We advise on brand architecture, style guides and creative direction. We develop narratives that capture your brand’s authenticity for use across brand books, communications, investors, digital and publication.

Branded stationery for fashion designer Wes Gordon shown on a marble backdrop. The stationery is crisp white, with black borders.
A moody photo of two hands with fingers outstretched inside semi-sheer pantyhose material.
A detailed photo of the neckline of a black mesh dress that has sequins sewn from the shoulders down.
Supermodel Irina Shayk posing on the floor, staring intensely at the camera. She is wearing a black bodysuit and chunky, black platform sandals. She is leaning forward on one arm and has one leg bent behind her and the other crossed in front vertically.
Metallic gold packaging boxes designed by DTE studio for makeup brand Kevyn Aucoin. They are stacked and layered in a abstract grid and the background is stark black, allowing the boxes to shine.
Multiple beauty campaign photos of Asian models with skin tones from light to dark arranged in a line, with a black and white photo of another Asian model above them.
Narrow navy blue boxes with golden Orce logo standing vertically on a mirrored light blue-gray background.
Mens and Womens advertising layouts for Aquatalia. The womens ad features the legs of a model sitting down and photographed from above. She wears tall, brown platform sandals and a pale blue short dress with ruffles. The mens ad is also shot from above. A model sits on a yellow bicycle, and his left leg is visible. He wears khaki pants and brown tasseled loafers. They are connected with a large white A with an extended crossbar overlapping both images.
An animated gif of fun 3-d and colorful letters stacking on each other.
A black and white folder with sharp pointed edges that fold inwards to contain papers.
Header from Parlor Social Club's website with large text that says Culture. It features a close crop of a woman's face on a magazine cover and sunglasses over the magazine. The background is a blurred version of that same photo, becoming only a wash of pink and gray.
A pink toned, modern still life photo of a marble table with a sheet of fabric, fallen classical bust, vase, and more items. Everything looks like its been covered in wax or thick paint.


360 Brand Execution

Having an idea is easy, making it work is the challenge. Our quality work in Design, Communications, Creative Direction, Campaigns, Packaging, Outdoor, Multi-media and Brand Marketing deliver a standard based on expertise and time-honored knowledge.


Social Strategy

We help you establish your social voice and strategy. From campaigns and stories to shorter clips and product features, DTE studio’s approach to social includes creative direction, concepting and production for shoots, copywriting and storytelling, partnerships and more.

A 3-d rendered room with an open roof to see the sky. The walls are all covered with a ghostly image of a model and wisps of golden light.


Online & IRL

We design brands with digital presence in mind. From custom apps to e-commerce flagships, online destinations and IRL experiences that are exciting, engaging and on-brand.

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A stack of metallic silver catalogs on a solid black background.