Examples of DTE's brand creative direction executed on Cider's website and app. These are shown in an iMac, MacBook, iPhone and iPad containing different pages of editorial, the homepage and shopping.
Black and white photo of a model with her hands raised and crossed in front of her face.


Digital Flagships

DTE studio has designed and built e-commerce websites for numerous brands including start-ups backed by Gwyneth Paltrow, the founder of Net-A-Porter and Soul Cycle. We’ve been responsible for upgrading the digital presence of heritage brands like Mikimoto and Kevyn Aucoin amongst others.


Shopify Specialists

We love Shopify as a platform and whether it’s customizing themes or custom builds from scratch, our team of designers and developers collaborate with our creative and strategic teams to build one-of-a-kind brand experiences that perform.


Dynamic, Shoppable Content

DTE studio offers e-commerce photoshoot services from concept, casting and full production. We help brands identify their unique voice to build an online experience that is both on-brand and on-trend. From engaging editorial stories to high-volume pdp shoots, we are partners for all of our client’s content needs.

Two diptyque candles and a silver candle snuffer on a white table to show DTE's product photography
A bottle of bath wash tilted slightly and casting a very long shadow.
An Asian model with chin length hair stares at the camera. She wears a crisp white shirt that is pulled to the side to reveal her collarbone and shoulder. Her skin has a dewy glow.
A model wearing white fur hoop earrings and black cateye sunglasses
A model sitting on the ground in a clean white space. She wears blue jeans, a white t-shirt and slide on shoes.
Two heeled pumps dangling from laces. One is black the other burnt orange.
An e-commerce style image of a model wearing wide purple trousers, orange heels and a black tube top walking in front of a white corner background.
Two pairs of Anabela Chan earrings on a pastel pink background. One pair is ornate and floral, with large yellow diamonds and smaller white diamonds, enamel flowers and pink gemstones. The second has a smokey turquoise colored stone and diamond flourishes. Both pairs are casting strong shadows.
A blonde model sits in a wassily chair looking away from the camera. She wears a plum colored cardigan with the sleeves pulled up.
A terracotta colored leather bucket bag swings into frame from the right side.
The lower legs and feet of a male model wearing green trousers and khaki colored lace up boots.
Still life photo of a square bottle of Deleon Tequila between black candles that are out but still smoking and on a black and gray background.
Still life of a bottle of Botanist Gin, with dramatic light and shadows going through the clear bottle and onto the white background.
Black and white photo of a model wearing all black - a suit jacket and trousers, which white pumps.
Two calf-hair tote bags - one olive green and other burnt orange and white sits on top. They are on a light wooden surface.
A sapphire x-shaped ring casts a very long and wispy shadow.
A black and white photo of a model wearing a one-shoulder white mini-dress. She is caught in motion, and her arm is up blocking her face.
Simple, golden interlocking bracelets photographed against a fabric background that is mix of white silk and a sheer peach color.
A model leans on stacked brown crates wearing a beautiful caramel colored fur coat and white high-top converse sneakers that are untied.
A model wears a large gold hoop earring that says "fame" across its center.
White toiletry bottles with blue labeling arranged for a still life photo by DTE studio.
A still life of bottle of Hendricks Gin artfully surrounded by other objects like a book, rock, and pocketknife.
The hands of a black model in an elegant shape showing a simple gold ring on her finger.
A model smiles at the camera with her eyes closed and holds her hand to partially blur the photo. She is wearing rose colored shirt and makeup that compliments the colors.
An Asian model with her hair slicked back, wearing silvery eyeshadow and large earrings with diamonds. Her skin is flawless, and she has a natural sunlit glow.
Dramatic shadows are cast over Well People makeup products laying on a white surface. There are drops of a serum and foundation next to their bottles.
A black model  wears dark dark trousers, bright yellow boots, navy elbow length gloves, a white fur shrug and cat-eye sunglasses. She poses with one arm bent and a cool attitude.
Two hands hold a hot pink sneaker with white sole and bend its toes backwards.
A textured black handbag sits on a cream pedestal and is balanced partially on a stone sphere.
A black and white photo of a model with blond curly hair leans towards the camera wearing a dark dress.
Black glittery platform sandals photographed from above. One is on its side to show the height of the heel.
Three arms of varying skintones are swatched with lipstick shades. One arm comes from the top of the image and the other two originate from the bottom. They come together in organic shapes.
A stone colored leather Celine tote bag sits on a mirrored platform against a stark white background.
A model wearing a textured shearling coat that is a combination of gray, black and white colors. It's worn with black pants and booties.
Navy blue mens oxford shoes as a still life with a natural shadow and light colored surroundings.
Still life of multiple tubes of Well People mascara. The bottles are open to reveal a lime green neck, and the wands have made swatches of mascara all over the background.


Products That Come Alive

Video content can make all the difference. DTE studio provides video content strategy from concept through to delivery for our clients. Amateur video can quickly get messy, and DTE's expertise in lighting and directing ensures we capture the best, most beautiful moments for our clients and products.

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