Case Study

An exciting unicorn fashion startup from LA goes global.

A dark haired model photographed from above while laying on the floor. She wears a black lace crop top and black lace skirt, a large black studded belt and black pointed toe heels. She has wide sunglasses covering her eyes, and a hand behind her head.

The Story of Cider

Valued at over a billion dollars, fashion startup Cider built a global community by making everyday statement pieces for an enthusiastic Gen-Z customer base during the pandemic. Fresh on a new global path, DTE studio was brought on by Cider's founders to develop brand story, strategy and positioning across all touchpoints from digital and retail, to social and campaign.

The World of Cider

As a successful direct-to-consumer brand, Cider’s opportunity allowed for expansion into retail, more verticals, and a broader message. DTE studio worked to create the World of Cider with brand strategy, brand creative direction, company value and trajectory for the future of Cider. Solidifying brand positioning, refining and elevating its brand identity and establishing clear brand guidelines for future growth.

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Digital Execution

The Cider online flagship and app, with new drops almost everyday, is an exciting destination and opportunity to show-off Cider’s new look. DTE’s new brand guidelines established imagery and creative direction for shoots, language and communications, colors, and fonts, full updated designs for the UX/UI application of the new brand in action.

Examples of DTE's brand creative direction executed on Cider's website and app. These are shown in an iMac, MacBook, iPhone and iPad containing different pages of editorial, the homepage and shopping.

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