Case Study

A new brand of makeup specially formulated to honor and enhance Asian skin. DTE studio created the brand name, product names, logo design, packaging, website, collateral and all branded content from inception.

A black and white photo showing an Asian woman from the collarbone up. Her hair is in a tight but messy bun, and strands come across her face. She has a dramatic cat eye makeup look.A black and white photo showing an Asian woman from the collarbone up. Her hair is in a tight but messy bun, and strands come across her face. She has a dramatic cat eye makeup look.

Logo Development & Brand Design

DTE was approached to create a luxury brand name and mark that would be unmistakably unique but simultaneously familiar. With Parisian influences and a modern flair, Orcé was born.

Packaging Design

Creative Direction • Mockups • Primary Packaging Design • Secondary Packaging Design • Production Management • Messaging • Photography

The boxes for Orce foundation designed by DTE studio. They are navy blue with gold foil stamp of the logo very large so it wraps around the box.
Narrow navy blue boxes with golden Orce logo standing vertically on a mirrored light blue-gray background.

Launch Campaign

DTE studio led the strategy, creative direction and production for Orcé's launch campaign shoot. Without options for deeper Asian skin tones from modeling agencies, DTE created alternative casting solutions to fill in the gaps where industry standards had yet to develop. Setting a new standard for Asian models in the US.

Three solo model portraits showing beautiful skin and natural makeup. All three models are Asian with varying skintones and the background is dark brown.

E-Commerce Flagship

Design and development for a robust Shopify website. DTE studio was challenged to tell the story of Orcé and create a robust web experience despite the brand only launching with a single product.

Orce's custom shopify website shown in an iMac, iPhone and iPad, showcasing DTE's photography and creative direction for the brand.

Robust Marketing Tools

As part of a 360 degree campaign, DTE studio developed print, out-of-home advertising, video and social assets to support Orcé's brand launch across all touchpoints. DTE provided creative direction, design and vendor management on the production of an elevated brand catalog.

A printed catalog for Orcé open to intro pages showcasing beautiful model photography.

Social Media Strategy & Content

In the months leading up to Orcé's launch DTE studio crafted stories and personalities for each shade as a unique way to build a community and grow excitement pre-launch. From casting models and collaborating with influencers that match every shade to photoshoot production, copywriting and creative direction, DTE was responsible for creating and managing Orcé's entire Instagram feed.

4 iphones on top of a collage of photos created as social media content for Orcé. The iPhones show instagram posts, stories and feed of Orce featuring models, inspirational photography and branded posts.
Four square images of photos with yellow subtitles that were part of Orcé's shade stories. Two photos show models with shadow and drama, a third has a hand holding grapes over a flat stomach and the fourth is a calming, blue mountain and lake landscape.
An Asian model with darker skin and chin length wavy hair  holds a yellow rose in front of one eye.
Four rows of square photos for mood and vibe of Orce. The colors are light whites and navy blues, with hints of gold and skintone. Some Asian models are mixed in as well.

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